SealedGRID – OpenConf Workshop

On Friday December 2nd, SealedGRID had the opportunity to be presented and organize a successful workshop, in the #OpenConf for its visitors together with the support of members of the Hellenic Cyber Security Team (Athanasios Grammatopoulos and Michalis Takaronis).

During the presentation the #SealedGRID project was presented to help expand the community’s understanding of the importance of cybersecurity in critical infrastructures and specifically in Smart and Micro Grids as well as to present the projects progress and results.

During the workshop the #SealedGRID a CTF challenge was held, first of its kind in the #OpenConf, that allowed the participants to be emerged in the key aspects of cybersecurity of critical infrastructures and understand their significance in the whole ecosystem!

Thanks to #OpenConf for hosting us and giving #SealedGRID the floor to increase the awareness of cybersecurity of critical infrastructures.
Thanks to # Hellenic Cyber Security Team for supporting #SealedGRID.
Thanks to our workshop visitors for being an enthusiastic and interactive audience!

We hope to see you all in our next events!

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