A Virtual Meeting Between Partners About D4.2

SealedGRIDS’s partners from BEIA and UPRC had a virtual meeting in order to collaborate and complete the D4.2 Privacy Protection Component called “Masker”. Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) from UPRC got the chance to meet with new team members from BEIA. The new team members are ESRs and subject matter experts in part of the components’ source coding, so their expertise will help expedite the progress.

The new ESRs were introduced to Maskers’ design and architecture, functionalities and were also informed of current progress. After the technical dialogue, the new ESRs were entrusted with specific tasks towards finalizing the implementation coding. The introduction of the new team members will bring new approaches to the issues at hand, will question the status quo of the components’ features, and will help refine the components’ source coding. This will also ensure the appropriate compatibility between this and the rest of the components that are ready and waiting to be integrated into the first platform pilot which is underway!