A Telco About the Integration of the TEE in a Smart Meter Environment

Today (7/12/2021) the active SealedGRID secondees from UPRC (Michail Bampatsikos, Christos Fakitsas) and CNIT(Ivan Palama, Giorgio Bernardinetti) had a fruitful discussion to solve technical issues for the integration. In the aforementioned telco, there were also former secondees from UPRC (Nikolaos Koutroumpouchos) and NEURO (Aristeidis Farao), who supported the technical activities with their prior hands-on experience.

In particular, the participants discussed technical issues regarding the integration of the TEE in a Smart Meter environment. It will be utilized by the majority of the SealedGRID modules and will be responsible to handle crucial cryptographic functions.

The technical and research progress will continue during this week with the SealedGRID researchers trying to implement the SealedGRID as a whole in a Smart grid like environment.